J A C K  W A T E S



I am a London-based artist interested in natural phenomena. My practice is formed around the production of spatial ‘moments’ with projects taking form across a variety of disciplines from public realm art projects and multi-sensory installations to ‘performative’ sculpture and the production of images. I am interested in the performative potential of public art, questioning how art installations can evolve, transform or invite playful interaction, to produce unique and memorable public moments.


I currently teach as a senior lecturer on the MA Interior Design course at Istituto Marangoni.


For my latest experiments see @jackwates. For more information on my work or if you'd like to discuss a potential project or collaboration, please get in touch at studio@jackwates.com

Project Info, Credits & Links



Peep Show (Architectural Installation assisted by Marcel Croxson, Alex Mead and Josh Richards)

 ⋅ The Village, Persona Collective, March/April 2023


Throw Down Bones: Loma (Music Video Project assisted by Josh Richards) Video


Storm Room (Site specific installation with Thomas Blackburn) Video

 ⋅ The Halfway House (Persona Collective), Lethaby Building, September-October 2020

 ⋅ Featured in Arc magazine


Space Octave: A Polyphonic Playground (Multi-sensory Installation with Alex Mead, Sami Sabik)

 ⋅ Maps Festival, The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, February 2020


Colour Curve (Light Installation with Alex Mead)

 ⋅ Arts by the Sea Festival, Bournemouth, September 2019

 ⋅ Featured in Arc Magazine, Bournemouth Echo


Wellington Street Weave (Public Realm Art Project)  Video 1 Video 2

 ⋅ Wellington Street Underpass, Luton, September 2019

 ⋅ Featured in LuxReview, Lighting Insight, Lightecture, Iluminet, Illumni, Arc magazine


RIBA Clore Learning Centre - Lighting Design (with Satu Streatfield)  Video 1 Video 2

 ⋅ The RIBA, London, 2019

 ⋅ Featured in Architect's Journal, Archdaily, Inhabitat, Onoffice Magazine


The Candidate, Persona Collective (Site-specific Theatre Project - Production/Scenography)

 ⋅ The Langham Club, April, July 2019


Kallos Gallery Lighting Design (with Satu Streatfield)

 ⋅ Masterpiece London, June 2019

 ⋅ TEFAF, Maastricht, March 2019

 ⋅ Masterpiece London, June/July 2018

 ⋅ TEFAF, Maastricht, March 2018

 ⋅ Frieze Masters, London, October 2017


Liberez: M'aidez (Video Project)  Video

 ⋅ Featured on SonofMarketing, January 2019


Singing Mirror (Interactive Installation with Alex Mead and Thomas Blackburn)  Video

 ⋅ Light Night Liverpool, The British Music Experience, Liverpool, May 2018


A Measure of Disruption (Interactive Installation with Alex Mead)  Video

 ⋅ The Factory, London,  May/June 2018


Earth from Sky (Photography)

 ⋅ Free Association Magazine - Issue 5: Flight, Spring 2018


A Matter of Exchange (Light Installation)

 ⋅ Lewes Light Festival, The Market Tower, Lewes, October 2017

 ⋅ Featured in Arc magazine


CRTV (Permanent installation with Atlas Vision)  Video

 ⋅ New River Studios, June 2017


Find Yourself (Video Installation with Alex Mead)  Video

 ⋅ The Barbican, March – May 2017


Extended Window (Light Art)  Video

 ⋅ Perspectives 2012-2017, The Onca Gallery, Brighton, March 2017


Into The Trap Scenography (Light Installation with Alex Mead)  Video

 ⋅ Into The Trap, New River Studios, London, November 2016


Concertina Moves (Installation)

 ⋅ Market Stall Theatre, London, September 2016


Watch Sound Hear Light Play (Installation with Thomas Blackburn)  Video

 ⋅ Brighton Digital Festival, The Onca Gallery, Brighton, September 2016

 ⋅ Featured on Illumni and CODAworx Magazine


Projects at Speirs + Major (Assistant Designer 2013-16 )

 ⋅ Green Heart, University of Birmingham, Birmingham (Public Realm Lighting Design)

 ⋅ Elephant Park, London (Lighting Masterplan, Public Realm Lighting Design, Pocket Park Lighting)

 ⋅ Malaysia Square, London (Public Realm Lighting Design)

 ⋅ Battersea Power Station, London (Lighting Masterplan, Phase 2 & 3 Public Realm Lighting)

 ⋅ Manhattan West, New York (Public Realm Lighting Strategy)

 ⋅ Derby after Dark, Derby (Lighting Strategy, Masterplan, Consultation, Pilot Projects)

 ⋅ The West End Project, London (Public Realm Lighting Strategy)

 ⋅ Covent Garden Area Lighting Scheme, London (Public Realm Lighting Design)

 ⋅ Barangaroo, Sydney (Public Realm Lighting Strategy, Masterplan)

 ⋅ OLF Balham, London (Public Realm Lighting Design)


Outside Inside Out (Set design & lighting for a dance theatre production)

 ⋅ ExFed Theatre, London, February 2016


Enter Void (Installation with dancers Eve Stainton and Michael Kitchin)  Video

 ⋅ Overrated, The Book Club, London, July 2015


Vita Scenography (Scenography for a film – directed by Vaskar Kayastha)

 ⋅ London, June 2015


Double Vision (Installation with dancers Eve Stainton and Micheal Kitchin)  Video

 ⋅ InHouse Festival, Manor House, London, May 2015


Bathhouse Re-visited (with Arthur Maxwell)

 ⋅ Published in SOILED Architecture magazine, Issue 5: Cloudscrapers, December 2014

 ⋅ Featured on Archinect.com, April 2015


Lighthouse (Installation with Rocio Ayllon) Video

 ⋅ Installation: Anchor House, Canning Town Light Night, Canning Town, November 2014


Exhibition Scenography for the Doinel Gallery’s ‘Regenerating Capital’ exhibition, London Festival of Architecture

 ⋅ Installation: The Roca Gallery, June – August 2014


Falling House (Film Installation with Rocio Ayllon and Riccardo Vincentini)  Video

 ⋅ Exhibited in Cities Methodologies: Buildings on Fire: Towards a New Approach to Urban Memory, Slade Research Centre, April/May 2014

 ⋅ Screened: Trapeze Basement Club, Shoreditch, August 2015

 ⋅ Published in Engaged Urbanism: Cities and Methodologies, I.B.Tauris, December 2016

 ⋅ Featured in Architecture and Fire: A Psychoanalytic Approach to Conservation


Light Echoes (Installation with Satu Streatfield, Kerem Asfuroglu and Benz Roos (Speirs + Major))  Video

  Installation: Canning Town Light Night, Canning Town, November 2013


Rainlight (Short Film)

 ⋅ Shortlisted for AJ Lightshots Competition – screened at The Apartment, Hoxton, July 2013


Projects at Mediomundo Arquitectos (Architectural Assistant)

 ⋅A garden design for the Health Sciences Faculty (Granada), 2013


Disorientation (Photography)

 ⋅ Published in Matzine 12: The Staircase, December 2012


The Hackney Bathhouse (Architecture – paper project)

 ⋅ Published in Blueprint Magazine: August 2012, bdonline.co.uk, and coolhunting.com

 ⋅ Shortlisted for RCA Sustain Award – exhibited in Sustain Show, Royal College of Art, 20 September – 3 October 2012

 ⋅ London Festival of Architecture: Between The A12 and The River Lea: An Exposition of Academic Speculations Beyond 2012, Sugarhouse Studios, June/July 2012

 ⋅ SHOW 2012, Royal College of Art, June/July 2012


Rain: Material Unpredictability (Dissertation)

 ⋅ Royal College of Art Library, 2011


Verdi’s Traviata (Installation with Marcel Croxson)

 ⋅ Installation: La Traviata de Verdi, Une Nuit Sans Opera, Aix-en-Provence, July 2011


Released in Stages (Architecture – paper project)

 ⋅ Interim Show, Royal College of Art, February 2011


The Urban Agriculture Curtain (Installation – assisting Bohn & Viljoen Architects)

 ⋅ Installation: London Yields: Urban Agriculture, The Building Centre, April/May 2009

 ⋅ Published in Second Nature Urban Agriculture: Designing Productive Cities


Projects at Penoyre & Prasad Architects (Part I Architectural Assistant 2008-09)

 ⋅ Belfairs High School

 ⋅ Ruskin College


The Pleasure Palace (Architecture – paper project)

 ⋅ RIBA President’s Medals Exhibition, The RIBA, January 2009

 ⋅ The Burt Brill and Cardens Graduate Show, Grande Parade, Brighton, May/June 2008