Feedback - exploration of visual feedback phenomenon. A collaboration with Alex Mead.

CRTV - Live-video project series  using CRT technology to create visual links between unconnected spaces. A collaboration with Alex Mead and Edmund Fraser.

Find Yourself - Spatial augmentation of Barbican's central hall using live-video projection. A collaboration with Alex Mead.

Kallos Gallery Lighting Design - Lighting objects from the galleries collection, and a scenography by Arthur de Borman, for Frieze Masters 2017. A collaboration with Satu Streatfield.

Extended Window - artwork in which changes in the colour and intensity of light across a series of  layered planes, define the perception of space and the passing of time.

Over My Head - a collection of shadows designed to create a sense of three-dimensionality on a 2D surface.

Glass Shadows - exploring light and shadow through the creation of glass objects and 'cameraless photography'.

Spaceship Earth - photography series documenting the lit textures of the planet's surface from above.

Disorientation - double-exposure photography published in Matzine.

Falling House - a film installation in which a house exists in a perpetual cycle of construction and destruction. The experience was designed to have no beginning or end and the project had been published in Engaged Urbanism: Cities and Methodologies. A collaboration with Rocio Ayllon and Riccardo Vincentini.

Light Echoes - a participatory audio and visual experience in which light was projected through drums to create responsive ripple shadows on the underside of the A13 flyover in Canning Town. A collaboration with Satu Streatfield, Kerem Asforuglu and Benz Roos.

Outside Inside Out - set and lighting design for a dance theatre production.

Watch Sound Hear Light Play - an interactive installation in which physical interaction with large elastic  strings produces sound and light. A collaboration with Tom Blackburn.

Species of Rain - spatial recording and arrangement of all occurrences of rain in a single month.

La Traviata - A cloud constructed of black and white staves floats in Cezanne's garden in Aix-en-Provence. Light is used to animate the material to create a sense of raining space. Moments of shelter are carved out of it and inhabited by musicians. A collaboration with Marcel Croxson.

A Matter of Exchange - a tensegrity light work. Published in Arc Magazine.

Into The Trap - an installation in which front-facing vertical luminaires change against back-facing environmental lighting to explore the way that we perceive colour. A collaboration with Alex Mead.

Enter Void - an installation in which two performers dance together through a void in a wall. Participants are invited to interact with and move the layers to change the nature of the dance.

A Line Dance - a project in which wearable lighting is used in conjunction with long-exposure photography to map a dancer.

Doppleganger - a performance experiment using film and projection to enable a performer to interact with a copy of herself.

A Patch of Sky - a mirror on an armature brings a patch of reflected sky into a living room.

Exhibition Scenography - a series of free-standing exhibition stands punctuate Zaha Hadid's Roca Gallery space for the London Festival of Architecture's 'Regenerating Capital' exhibition. The stand's bases are cast to resemble geological core samples and given rectilinear form to stand out against the free-flowing forms of the space - urban forms on the banks of the gallery's 'river'.

Lighthouse - a project formed through artist-led workshops with residents of Caritas Anchor House, a residential and life skills centre supporting homeless people in Canning Town, in London. The building’s windows were used as a site to project eight interconnected films that externalised the personalities of the residents at night.

Rain Over White Post Lane - a project exploring various phenomena associated with water, with an aim to re-creating a water cycle within a building.

Bathhouse Tower - exploring how water can flow through a sequence of vertically stacked spaces.