Jack is a London-based artist and design consultant whose work is engaged with 'performative space' and the politics of interaction. He specialises in working with light and explores its use in the production of spatial experiences – architectural, sculptural, theatrical and filmic. Jack is interested in creating spaces that are adaptable or responsive, that can be ‘played’ or that can invite people to observe or participate in new ways.


In 2017, Jack co-founded Extraviolet – a design studio focused on producing interactive spatial experiences. www.extraviolet.co.uk


Jack is an Architecture Workshop Facilitator at the Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery and has previously taught at the University of Brighton, Oxford Brookes University and UAL. His research interests relate to the subjects of 'immaterial architecture' and temporality in design. www.experimentsinspace.com


If you would like to discuss a project, please get in touch at jackwates@outlook.com or on


Exhibitions, Projects & Publications:



Colour Curve (Light Installation with Alex Mead)

- Arts by the Sea Festival, Bournemouth, September 2019


Wellington Street Weave (Public Realm Art Project)

- Wellington Street Underpass, Luton, September 2019


RIBA Clore Learning Centre - Lighting Design (with Satu Streatfield)

- The RIBA, London, 2019


The Candidate (Site-specific Theatre Project - Production/Scenography)

- The Langham Club, April, July 2019


Kallos Gallery Lighting Design (with Satu Streatfield)

- Masterpiece London, June 2019

- TEFAF, Maastricht, March 2019

- Masterpiece London, June/July 2018

- TEFAF, Maastricht, March 2018

- Frieze Masters, London, October 2017


Liberez: M'aidez (Video Project)

- Featured on SonofMarketing, January 2019


Singing Mirror (Interactive Installation with Alex Mead and Thomas Blackburn)

- Light Night Liverpool, The British Music Experience, Liverpool, May 2018


A Measure of Disruption (Interactive Installation with Alex Mead)

- The Factory, London,  May/June 2018


Earth from Sky (Photography)

- Free Association Magazine - Issue 5: Flight, Spring 2018


A Matter of Exchange (Light Installation)

- Lewes Light Festival, The Market Tower, Lewes, October 2017

- Featured in Arc magazine - Issue 102


CRTV (Permanent installation with Atlas Vision)

- New River Studios, June 2017


Find Yourself (Video Installation with Alex Mead)

- The Barbican, March – May 2017


Extended Window (Light Art)

- Perspectives 2012-2017, The Onca Gallery, Brighton, March 2017


Into The Trap Scenography (Light Installation with Alex Mead)

- Into The Trap, New River Studios, London, November 2016


Concertina Moves (Installation)

- Market Stall Theatre, London, September 2016


Watch Sound Hear Light Play (Installation with Thomas Blackburn)

- Brighton Digital Festival, The Onca Gallery, Brighton, September 2016

- Featured on Illumni and CODAworx Magazine


Projects at Speirs + Major (Assistant Designer 2013-16 )

- Green Heart, University of Birmingham, Birmingham (Public Realm Lighting Design)

- Elephant Park, London (Lighting Masterplan, Public Realm Lighting Design, Pocket Park Lighting)

- Malaysia Square, London (Public Realm Lighting Design)

- Battersea Power Station, London (Lighting Masterplan, Phase 2 & 3 Public Realm Lighting)

- Manhattan West, New York (Public Realm Lighting Strategy)

- Derby after Dark, Derby (Lighting Strategy, Masterplan, Consultation, Pilot Projects)

- The West End Project, London (Public Realm Lighting Strategy)

- Covent Garden Area Lighting Scheme, London (Public Realm Lighting Design)

- Barangaroo, Sydney (Public Realm Lighting Strategy, Masterplan)

- OLF Balham, London (Public Realm Lighting Design)


Outside Inside Out (Set design & lighting for a dance theatre production)

- ExFed Theatre, London, February 2016


Enter Void (Installation with dancers Eve Stainton and Michael Kitchin)

- Overrated, The Book Club, London, July 2015


Vita Scenography (Scenography for a film – directed by Vaskar Kayastha)

- London, June 2015


Double Vision (Installation with dancers Eve Stainton and Micheal Kitchin)

- InHouse Festival, Manor House, London, May 2015


Bathhouse Re-visited (with Arthur Maxwell)

- Published in SOILED Architecture magazine, Issue 5: Cloudscrapers, December 2014

- Featured on Archinect.com, April 2015


Lighthouse (Installation with Rocio Ayllon)

 - Installation: Anchor House, Canning Town Light Night, Canning Town, November 2014


Exhibition Scenography for the Doinel Gallery’s ‘Regenerating Capital’ exhibition, London Festival of Architecture

- Installation: The Roca Gallery, June – August 2014


Falling House (Film Installation with Rocio Ayllon and Riccardo Vincentini)

- Exhibited in Cities Methodologies: Buildings on Fire: Towards a New Approach to Urban Memory, The Slade Research Centre, April/May 2014

- Screened: Trapeze Basement Club, Shoreditch, August 2015

- Published in Engaged Urbanism: Cities and Methodologies, I.B.Tauris, December 2016


Light Echoes (Installation with Satu Streatfield, Kerem Asfuroglu and Benz Roos (Speirs + Major))

 - Installation: Canning Town Light Night, Canning Town, November 2013


Rainlight (Short Film)

- Shortlisted for AJ Lightshots Competition – screened at The Apartment, Hoxton, July 2013


Projects at Mediomundo Arquitectos (Architectural Assistant)

- A garden design for the Health Sciences Faculty (Granada), 2013


Disorientation (Photography)

- Published in Matzine 12: The Staircase, December 2012


The Hackney Bathhouse (Architecture – paper project)

- Published in Blueprint Magazine: August 2012, bdonline.co.uk, and coolhunting.com

- Shortlisted for RCA Sustain Award – exhibited in Sustain Show, Royal College of Art, 20 September – 3 October 2012

- London Festival of Architecture: Between The A12 and The River Lea: An Exposition of Academic Speculations Beyond 2012, Sugarhouse Studios, June/July 2012

- SHOW 2012, Royal College of Art, June/July 2012


Rain: Material Unpredictability (Dissertation)

- Royal College of Art Library, 2011


Verdi’s Traviata (Installation with Marcel Croxson)

- Installation: La Traviata de Verdi, Une Nuit Sans Opera, Aix-en-Provence, July 2011


Released in Stages (Architecture – paper project)

- Interim Show, Royal College of Art, February 2011


The Urban Agriculture Curtain (Installation – assisting Bohn & Viljoen Architects)

- Installation: London Yields: Urban Agriculture, The Building Centre, April/May 2009


Projects at Penoyre & Prasad Architects (Part I Architectural Assistant 2008-09)

- Belfairs High School

- Ruskin College


The Pleasure Palace (Architecture – paper project)

- RIBA President’s Medals Exhibition, The RIBA, January 2009

- The Burt Brill and Cardens Graduate Show, Grande Parade, Brighton, May/June 2008